Working from home has become the new normal, as millions of office workers are expected to remain at home or adopt a hybrid model after all restrictions are lifted. If your company is one of the many allowing employees to continue to work from home, you must find ways to engage and motivate your team.

As your staff members’ well-being and job satisfaction will affect their productivity and performance, you should find ways to prove how much you value your team. Read the following advice on how to care for your remote workers.

Establish Boundaries for Your Team

According to a recent survey, 40% of remote workers struggle to unplug after the working day is over. As a result, this can affect your employees’ mental health, which will impact morale and staff turnover.

Protect your team by setting strict boundaries for every team member to follow, especially management. For example, you must instruct your team not to call, email, or text a colleague or subordinate outside of working hours unless urgent.

Also, make it clear that employees aren’t expected to respond to work emails during their personal time. It can take away some of their pressure and will prove you’re a caring employer.

Send Care Packages to Remote Workers

Prove how much you value your remote employees’ hard work and talent by sending them a gift. A thoughtful care package is bound to impress an employee. In addition to featuring delicious treats, you could incorporate some fun, functional, and personalised promotional products, such as a branded notepad, company mug, or custom coasters, to name a few options. It will make your team feel proud to work for your brand, and the items will serve as a reminder of the kind-hearted gesture.

Connect with Your Staff

Another survey found that 46% of UK workers have experienced feelings of loneliness when working from home. For this reason, you must routinely check in with your team to build connections and protect their well-being.

A video chat might be the only conversation an employee might have all day, which is why you should ask how they are and take an interest in their personal life. Also, express your door is always open for them to discuss any problems or worries they have, which will make them feel valued and supported by their employer.

Celebrate Your Employees’ Successes

Achievements might fall under the radar when your staff works from home. However, it is important to recognise and reward your team for a job well done. For example, you could thank an employee on a company-wide email, acknowledge their hard work on a team call or send them a thoughtful present as a thank you. A kind word or a gift can improve morale and prevent a talented employee from leaving the business for a rival.

Find ways to showcase your support and appreciation for your hard-working employees, as it will increase morale, boost productivity and help the business retain its top talent.

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