Driving is a necessary activity for many people, whether this involves commuting to work, taking the kids to school, going shopping, visiting friends, or any other journey you can’t make on foot. Driving can also be incredibly expensive and eats up a huge amount of your monthly budget when you factor in the various running costs. If you are struggling financially, or simply looking to free up some extra cash each month, then there are several ways you can reduce your driving costs. Here are a few suggestions which should help you to save money.

Only Drive When Necessary

The most obvious tip is to reduce your driving. It is easy to grab the keys whenever you need to make a trip, but if it is a short distance or you are not in a massive rush, then you could think about walking or cycling – in addition to reducing costs, this is also good for your health and environmentally friendly. You could also look into public transport for longer journeys, too.

Keep Tyres Inflated to Recommended Levels

Under-inflated tyres may not seem like a big deal or even be noticeable, but they will cause you to use a lot more fuel. This means that you need to check the tyres regularly and keep them inflated to the recommended level.

Lower Insurance

Insurance is a huge cost (particularly for some drivers), but it is also an area in which you can make savings. Here are a few strategies to try:

  • Shopping around for a better deal
  • Increasing your excess
  • Add a named driver
  • Use black box insurance (telematics)
  • Use private parking

Do Your Own Maintenance

There are many important maintenance tasks that need to be done on a car to keep it running properly, but several of these you can do yourself, such as:

Find Breakdown Specialists

It is unfortunate, but cars do break down, and this can occur at any time. Many people have a breakdown membership, but this could cost a fortune – instead, you should look to breakdown specialists like Motors Recovery, who can provide a recovery service and roadside assistance without you having to pay a monthly fee. This will save you a huge amount while still ensuring that you can get support if you breakdown.

Drive Gently

Finally, you can make changes to your driving performance, which will help to reduce costs, reduce wear and tear on the vehicle and make you a safer driver. This includes changing gears efficiently, gentle cornering, slowing down, avoiding hard brakes and gradual acceleration. The information in this guide could help you to make big savings on driving each month, particularly when you combine a few of these tips.

Driving is a huge cost and an important part of life for many people, but there are always ways to make savings, which could all add up in the long run and make a noticeable difference to your financial situation.

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