If a recent cash catastrophe has caught you unprepared, you’re going to need to explore all the different finance options available. Fortunately, you can breathe a sigh of relief, as there are a number of different routes for you to explore. Depending on what you feel comfortable doing and what you can actually afford, fear not, as you’ll always be able to find the money somewhere.

Here are just three of the different finance options that you can explore:

Liquidate/Sell Your Assets

Is your home full of expensive assets that you no longer have any use for? If so, don’t let them sit around and gather dust — liquidate or sell them instead! Importantly, this will provide you with the cash injection and/or financial stability you need, without you having to plunge yourself into more debt going forward.

If you’d much rather make money off your belongings while still being able to retain possession of them, you could always secure a loan on them instead. Generally, this is done by people who are willing to lease their vehicles out in return for what is known as a logbook loan. When taking up this option, however, just be sure to take out your loan with a reputable logbook loans and car finance company such as Car Cash Point.

Amp Up Your Earning Potential

The best way to finance your lifestyle is to simply earn more money. This is easier said than done, of course, but there’s nothing stopping you from guaranteeing your earning potential, even if it is over the long term.

When attempting to ramp up your earning potential, you should:

  • Never be afraid to negotiate a pay rise

  • When negotiating a pay rise, get your boss to name their figures first

  • Negotiate for more than just your salary (negotiate for the likes of vacation time and more paid maternity leave, etc.)

  • Constantly be looking for new opportunities for employment (the only person you can afford to be loyal to in this instance is yourself)

  • Embrace a side hustle that can be performed during your spare time

Borrow from Your Retirement Fund

If you’re in need of a large cash booster, the advice listed above just won’t suffice. To be able to tap into an ample amount of money quickly, you’re going to have to consider borrowing from your retirement fund.

The age threshold for being able to borrow from a qualified retirement plan freely is 59 and a half — if you’re younger than this threshold, you will have to pay a penalty to withdraw from your fund. Doing this could prove beneficial to you, though, if you are due a payment imminently and are prepared to use this income to settle the price of the penalty you were handed.

Facing an onslaught of bills? Recently been made unemployed? Or, has your car finally bitten the dust? If you’re facing any of these problems, one thing is for certain: you’re in desperate need of some cash. So, review the three options listed above, and you’ll be sure to get hold of the money you need.

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