Coaching football is a great way to give back to your community and a productive way to spend your free time. While it can be a challenging job at times, it’s also a very rewarding position to be in and will likely bring you a lot of joy.

It’ll be fun to see your players and team improve over the years with you as their leader and coach. Try not to be too hard on yourself as you get more familiar with the sport and understanding the talents of your individual players. Keep in mind that it’s not always about winning and losing but learning and growing as a group.

Educate Yourself

One tip for new football coaches is to educate yourself on the sport and become an expert on the rules, different coaching and playing techniques, and overall best practices. The more you know the easier it’s going to be to teach and guide your players to success. Some ideas to help you achieve this goal include:

  • Watching film
  • Securing a mentor
  • Playing the sport yourself
  • Attending coaching clinics and conferences
  • Reading books and blogs

As a new coach, knowledge is what’s going to empower you the most to build more confidence in yourself as you get more familiar with your role.

Reward Your Players

It’s also a wise idea to get in the habit of rewarding and recognising your players for their hard work if you want them to stay engaged and motivated. For example, you may want to hold an end of the year picnic where you highlight some of the best moments, and players from the past season and hand out individual Football Trophies. It’s a great way to acknowledge your team for their efforts and to call out specific individuals who have truly made a difference on the field.

Prepare in Advance

As the coach, you’re always going to want to show up to practices and matches as prepared as possible. This entails you coming up with challenging and useful drills to perform during practices as well as knowing who’s going to play in which positions during matches. As a new football coach, you certainly don’t want to waste other people’s time by not doing your homework ahead of time. Show that you’re serious about the role and succeeding by understanding the rules and sport and being able to clearly communicate your knowledge and expertise to your players.

Stay Patient

What’s most important as a new football coach is that you stay patient throughout the year. You may not have a winning team immediately and some players might require a little more help along the way. Remember that you’re new as well, and that together, you can all unite as a team and group and assist each other in growing and developing your football skills over time. As long as you see that people are trying their best and not quitting or giving up, this should give you hope that you and your players can improve over the years.

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