Iconic tree set to be felled on Palace Green

East Cambridgeshire District Council is being forced to remove on a significant tree on Palace Green in Ely.

Over the last few years, the District Council has been monitoring the mature Sycamore tree beside the boundary wall of The Old Palace in Ely. In 2012, the tree was reduced in an attempt to retain it in a safe condition and see if the tree had the vigour to respond.

Unfortunately the tree has continued to decline and during a recent inspection, officers found there is poor foliage cover and the large central section was dead.

This has left the authority with no other option than to remove the tree with the work to be carried out on Thursday 21 August (weather permitting).

The Council is now in discussions with the Cathedral to arrangement for a replacement tree on Palace Green to be planted.

Cathy White, Senior Trees Officer at East Cambridgeshire District Council, said: “It is always incredibly sad when we have to remove a tree – especially one which has developed an iconic status as it frames our view of the magnificent Cathedral. Unfortunately, the mature Sycamore on Palace Green, despite the best efforts of everyone involved, is beyond saving and will need to be felled.

“Unfortunately over recent years, we noticed a growing number of dead areas within the tree’s canopy and despite the surgery in 2012 we have not been able to save it. Obviously the removal of the tree will leave a gap on Palace Green but we will plant a replacement tree which we hope will grow and flourish to be loved as much as the old Sycamore has been.”

The tree work will be carried out by qualified arboricultural operatives who have been employed by the District Council, which is responsible for the management of the trees on Palace Green and Steeple Row, Ely.

For further information on this or any tree related enquiry please call 01353 665555.

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